Decisions, Decisions.... NYE 2010

I absolutely LOVE New Year's Eve. I know it's all a lot of hype, and in theory, isn't any different than any other night out, but it FEELS different! There's a buzz in the air on NYE. The decorations, champagne, midnight kiss... I love it all! :) And it's the one night a year when I know I can dress much fancier than required and not look silly. I love buying a new dress every year for the December 31st festivities.

Here are some that have peaked my interest...

Forever 21 Zippered Lace Dress

Bebe Darla Dress

Bebe Strappy Shirred Dress

Forever 21 Scalloped Perfection Dress

Bebe Mirror Beaded Halter Dress

What are you wearing this NYE!?!


  1. I LOVE that lace one with the back zipper. So fun. I also love the pink dress.

    I'm wearing a velvet sweetheart strapless navy blue dress from the Limited!

  2. I saw it's a toss-up between the pink one and the white one!

    I have no idea what I'm wearing- hopefully I find something soon!