OOTD: Stripes & Turquoise

I wore this casual outfit to our friends' place for Game Night last Friday night.  We love Catchphrase and Apples-to-Apples, but our new fave is The Game of Things.  So much fun with a big group! :)
Top: Old Navy (posted here)
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
Turquoise Necklace: Target
Tan Wedges: Target

Do you love playing "board" games?  Which is your fave?

Creamy Mushroom Chicken with Rice and Green Beans

Another good one for healthy honeys everywhere.  Your hungry hubby will be satisfied, and you won't feel guilty!  This is healthy (-ish) lightened-up comfort food that is perfect for those who love the traditional Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole.  (We LOVE GBC!!)
LGTG (looks gross, tastes great), I know.

The 5 Ingredients:
  • Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast (I just used 1 for the hubby)
  • 98% Fat-Free Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • Canned Green Beans (I used 2)
  • Water, 1/2 cup
  • Brown Rice

Start by browning the chicken in a PAM-lined skillet on medium-high heat.
This was a super-thick breast, so it took me about 15 minutes to get it almost-cooked.

Remove the chicken from the skillet, and add in the can of soup plus 1/2 cup of water.  Stir.  
Once it's mixed, add in the drained green beans.
Let it simmer for about 10 minutes, and then add the chicken back to the pan.
Smother the chicken in the mixture.  Now ya see it.... ya don't!  ;)  Continue cooking until the chicken is done.
Dump in the cooked rice, stir, and serve!

I don't think this dish needs another vegetable, but we had some asparagus spears that were almost past their range of eatability, so I roasted some to go with this meal.  I made myself a mixed salad to up the health-factor.  :)

 Hungry Hubby's Plate...
 Healthy Honey's Plate...

Do you love the traditional Green Bean Casserole?  If so, you must try this dish!

My Afternoon

Glee Season 1

Starbucks Hot Pomegrante Oolong Tea

Corner Bakery Tomato Basil Soup

I am sick with strep for the second time this school year!  I love my job and students dearly, but this is definitely one of the downsides of hugging germy 5 and 6-year-olds everyday!  Hope you had a wonderful Easter and are in good health!

P.S. I really wish I had a batch of my Broccoli, Cheese, and Potato soup for dinner!

OOTD: Purple Cargo Skirt

I am a very happy girl now that Spring is really here!  It felt great to wear a skirt again.  :)  This is one of those items I've actually had in my closet for many, many months but had never worn.  So glad I did... it was comfy and the pockets are awesomely convenient.  I took the easy-way-out and paired it with plain white (me and my white!!), but I think it will look good with a print or stripes next time.
White Tee: Merona/Target
Purple Cargo Skirt: Forever21
Gold Coin Necklace: Forever 21
Gold Sandals: Jessica Simpson

I love this necklace and wear it ALL the time!

Do you like wearing dresses and skirts with pockets?  I think they are so cute and on-trend right now.

Guest Postin': Spring Fever For Your Feet!

I just realized that amidst the chaos of my blog sale back in March, I never posted here about my spring-themed guest post.  I wanted to do something a bit different and fun, so I paired bright OPI nail polishes with my fave new spring sandals.

Check out  the full post HERE!  And while you're at it, spend some time over at the fabulous blog - Chasing Davies!

What are your favorite spring nail polish colors?  I will always be an OPI Cajun Shrimp girl, but my 2011 fave is Hot & Spicy!

OOTD: The Belt & The Necklace

I ran into the mall yesterday looking for a skinny leopard belt.  I found one at Forever 21 (yes it's plastic and cost all of $3.50, but I'm more-than-okay with that), along with a gorgeous gold and turquoise necklace.  I got both for under 10 bucks, thank you F21!

I paired both of them with a plain white tee and wide-leg black trousers.  The accessories definitely made this outfit.
White Tee: Target
Black Pants: LOFT "Marisa"
Necklace: Forever 21
Leopard Belt: Forever 21
Black and Gold Sandals: Old Navy

I am forever giving my blogger friend Veronika (from the fabulous blog Veronika's Blushing) a hard time because she wears black a lot.  Well, these OOTD posts have made me realize that I wear white shirts alllll the time.  I never really thought about it until I started blogging about it.  I think I wear them so often because I know they will go with whatever pant I'm wearing, as well as looking good with any accessory.  

Do you love wearing neutral colors just so you can easily add lots of accessories?  Do you gravitate to white like I do or to black like Veronika?

Vegetable Beef(less) Soup

This is THE perfect recipe to satisfy your man's "need for meat" and keep your own waistline where it belongs.  I was worried Hungry Hubby wouldn't like to due to its large volume of vegetables and complete lack of creaminess, but he devoured it - 3 huge bowls worth!  I quote, "Babe, you should start making this once a week!"  And like the perfect Healthy Honey recipe, it is insanely easy!

And I'm so proud of myself because this is the first source-less recipe I've posted.  That's right folks, this one was all me.  ;)

The List:
  • Beef broth, 2 boxes, 64oz. total
  • Lipton onion soup packet
  • Frozen mixed vegetables, 2 bags
  • Stew beef, chopped small
  • Diced tomatoes with seasoning, 2 cans
Start with your man's beef.  I bought a package of stew beef from the grocery, but I chopped it into smaller pieces to be more appropriate in a soup.  I heated the Pam-sprayed soup pot (on medium) and dumped in the beef.  I turned it continually for about 5 minutes total, until the meat was browned on all sides.  
I added in both boxes of beef broth, HALF of the packet of onion soup mix, the 2 cans of tomatoes (WITH juice), and the frozen vegetables.
Crank the heat up to medium-high and let the soup simmer for about 30 minutes.  And it's showtime!  :)  
I laddled mine up first, skimming the soup off the top, and just picking-out any beef that accidentally made it into my mug.
I laddled Hungry Hubby's from the bottom of the pot, grabbing lots of meat chunks.
This soup was DELICIOUS.  Please, please try it!  (It's seriously EA-SY!)  If you are cooking for one or are a meatless family, just omit the beef and swap in vegetable broth.

Do you eat your soup out of a bowl like normal people or out of a mug like me?  It's so much easier to hold!

Julianne Hough is Perfection

Just LOOK at these pictures of Julianne from the Academy of Country Music Awards... she is STUNNING!
She has such a healthy, toned, and fit figure!  Her arms look fabulous here.  She is thin, but not too-thin.
I love that this is a backless dress with a high-neck and floor-length hem... just the right amount of skin.
Those eyes!!!
I love her touch of turquoise here in the bracelet.  The gorgeous coral-orange dress is paired perfectly with the gold accessories and pale pink lipstick.  

Do you agree with my total love of her look here?  I am definitely craving a summer dress in this color now!!!

Homemade Save-the-Dates

Happy Monday!  (<--- Does that sound like an oxymoron to anyone else but me..?)  
I almost titled this post "Homemade STDs" but figured that didn't sound quite right...  If I had been writing this blog while wedding-planning, I would have surely nauseated all of you with my obsession.  Luckily, I unleashed all of that fury on The Knot.  ;)  I still love wedding planning, although now I have to live vicariously through my engaged friends.

I consider myself fairly handy with a computer, so I made my own save-the-date postcards using Microsoft Word with printing by VistaPrint.

One of my best friends, Lisa, is getting married this summer, and I made her Save-the-Dates the same way...
I love her bright colors!

The best part about these homemade STDs is that they are CHEAP!  About $50 for 200 of 'em.  And postage is cheaper since they are postcards.

Do you like wedding planning?  Are you "into" wedding "stuff" like I am or are you totally burnt out by it all?  I still enjoy helping my girls with their weddings and occasionally checking-out the blogs, but I definitely can't stomach another episode of Bridezillas or Platinum Weddings!