Snack Attack: Asparagus with Raspberry-Mustard Dipping Sauce

So apparently my friends have been missing my blog posts.  As much as I love them, it seems a little strange as they NEVER leave me comments. *ahem*  I really want to get back in orbit in the blogosphere, so I thought I'd start with a super easy, super yummy Snack Attack post: Asparagus with Raspberry-Mustard Dipping Sauce.
Before I get into the deets of the dish, it's only fair to explain where I've been...
 Viva Las Vegas, Baby!  The hubby and I headed to Las Vegas with one of my best girlfriends and her man, as well as some other super fun couples.  We had a blast!  My girls and I are already planning our Vegas Invasion Summer 2012!  ;)
I then headed home to Houston, TX to throw a Baby Shower for my sister-in-law and my soon-to-be-born niece Kayla!  I also got some good time in with the G-ma, Aunts, Uncles, and Lil' Cousins.

 Lastly, HH and I headed to the beautiful Charleston, SC for a wedding.  We stayed in an adorable beach house on the Isle of Palms, and celebrated my birthday on the rooftops of downtown bars.  We had some AMAZING food on this trip, and I'm literally kicking myself that I didn't take any pics.  What was I thinking!!??!

Besides all of my travels, I've been working like crazy with private tutoring and curriculum-writing for my school district.  Not to mention trying to survive the sweltering 110 degree heat wave we've been in!  Despite the heat, I still like to have "cooked" snacks sometimes.  This is a perfect summer snack - the asparagus are lightly steamed in the microwave (<--- which won't heat up the house), then blanched in cold water.  Add a delectably easy dipping sauce, and it's snack attack time!

Trim the asparagus spears, and place them in a microwaveable dish.
Add about 3 tablespoons of water.
Nuke 'em for about 2 minutes.  Immediately place them under cold running water.
Mix a raspberry salad dressing with equal parts dijon mustard.

Delicious and easy!

Has your summer been as crazy busy as mine!?  Or have you gotten in some good relaxation? I can't believe it's almost over!


  1. My summer has been just as crazy busy as yours with lots of new exciting things!

    Your snack looks great! I love the idea of that dipping sauce. I bet the raspberry flavor pairs nicely with the asparagus!

  2. Looks super yummy! I never thought to cook asparagus in the microwave. Gosh, you've come so far with your cooking skills! Remember back in the day when you didn't have any pots or pans :-)

  3. My asparagus is in the microwave now! Can't wait to try this new recipe, I love asparagus!

    Glad to see the new blogs, love them!

    Have a great year back at work!

  4. Okay, the asparagus turned out really good, crunchy goodness, not slimy at all! I'm addicted already! I used raspberry pecan dressing and it tastes good too ;)

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog looking for tasty soup recipes now that it's starting to turn cool here in the south. Can't wait to try the vegetable beef(less) stew and the chicken pot pie stew. I love Gina's Skinny Taste, too! Love your posts!