Wedding On My Mind

I haven't posted in for-evah!  (Not that I'm under any delusional that I have many readers, but I enjoy posting!)  School's out for summer, but I've been busier than ever!  I am tutoring 10 kids per week, working on curriculum for my district, and most importantly, helping my best friend plan her wedding!  (I showed y'all her homemade Save-the-Dates in this post.)  Here is what I've been busy with since then!

The invitation and inserts...

They were stacked in size so that the dots and titles lined-up! ;)

We also made the programs, which were glued together with a stick in the center to create fans.  (The ceremony is outdoors, which means it will be a bit toasty!)

 Table numbers and table placecards...

We are also doing all of the music ourselves, so we have spent HOURS picking songs, editing songs, cropping songs, and making sure they were in a good, dance-able order.

The work will pay off when we are eating, drinking, and dancing the night away this Saturday!  Summer is Wedding Season, do you have any on the calendar?  We have another wedding in Charleston, SC in July.  I LOVE weddings! :)
P.S. Can you spot my typo!?

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  1. Aw I love it all! Very cute! A lot of my friends right now are getting married and it's really making me want to get married again (to the same guy of course lol) JUST to get creative with invitations and flower arrangements haha! I love that stuff!