Thirsty Thursday: My Favorite Cheap Wine

Where has the time gone!?!??
Not only was today the official end of summer (so totally tragic), but it's been over a month since I've posted on this bia.  What can I say??  I've been busy.

Let's recap...
  • Prepared classroom for the new school year
  • Headed-up two staff trainings on my campus
  • Frantically finished writing curriculum for my school district (that may or may not still be unfinished... *cough* *cough*)
  • Packed-up our 2 bedroom apartment
  • Frantically cleaned said 2 bedroom apartment to avoid cleaning fees
  • Moved
  • Un-packed into our new 3 bedroom rent house
  • Attended 3 weddings
  • Ate
  • Breathed
With the beginning of the school year and the big move behind me, I can finally relax.  AHHHHH.  My new class is AH-MAZZZZING and I am enjoying every single second of work. It's time to start blogging again.  Enter: Thirsty Thursday.

I won't even attempt a euphemism, people.  I like to drink. I like my drinks, I like them to taste good, and I like them to spare my waistline.  Thirsty Thursday is my chance to share my wine-o wisdom with you all... Let's get our drink on in a budget and waist-friendly way!  Happy hour anyone!??

Disclaimer: If you are a wine snob purist, you probably want to hit that X up in the corner right about now.  I usually loathe Walmart.  I have for years.  But their Oak Leaf Pinot Grigio completely makes-up for everything I've come to despise about the place.
In my incredibly cheap opinion, this wine is incredibly good.  Especially when you consider its ridiculously low price-point.  Here in Dallas, these are priced at $2.7something, bringing them to an exact 3 bucks even with tax.  That's per bottle people.  Like less than half of what you pay for a glass of wine at a restaurant FOR THE WHOLE BOTTLE.  And it's good.  No, seriously.  If you are happy to drink $10ish bottles, you will LOVE this stuff!
And look, y'all, it's won medals and stuff!  Over 40 since 2008!

I've tried the Pinot and the Shiraz, and friends have mentioned that other varieties are great, as well.  Please just take a chance and try some Oak Leaf!

Do you love wine as much as I do!??!  How about cheap wine?


  1. So jealous! I can't wait to indulge in some wine!

  2. thanks for the tip...anything not in a box is fancy to me!