Old Navy Weekend Steals

I got an email from Old Navy on Friday (addressed to "only our best customers" of course... mmmhmm sure).  Fake flattery aside, the deals were way too good to ignore.  The email advertised in-store only promotions for the weekend - 75% off full-price Outwear on Saturday noon-5pm, and 75% off full-price Sweaters on Sunday noon-5pm.  So I did what any other retail-obsessed girl would do, I went both days!

Unfortunately, by the time the fam and I got there on Saturday, most of the outwear was picked-over and only XL and XXL sizes were left in any of the coats I wanted.  I did grab this black puffer coat (perfect for windy recess duty days) for a mere $15.  My mom treated me - thanks Mama!

Learning my lesson, I was in Old Navy today by 11:45am to scoop up sweaters in my size.  There were TONS of options, and I lugged about 15 different sweater styles into the dressing room.  Here's the whole loot:

5 sweaters for me...

1 for the hubby...

+ 2 long-sleeve tees...

For a grand total of $69 bucks!  I had a $25 Visa card (a gift), so I walked out of there with 8 items for an out-of-pocket expense of $44 bucks!  I know I'll certainly regret saying this later, but now I wish it would get cold so I can enjoy all my new clothes.  (It's currently 70 degrees in the big D.)

I'm not brave enough to battle the crowds on Black Friday, so these steals will be my excitement for the week.  Do you shop on Black Friday?


  1. love 1 and 2 pull!!

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  2. Those sweaters look soooooo cozy! I love stopping by Old Navy because they always have such amazing prices!! xo

  3. I love the first and the third sweaters!