Love for Booties

Do you ever first see a trend and kind of balk?  Wondering, "Why is that gaining popularity?  Are we really supposed to wear that now?"  I had this kind of response with pointy-toed heels in college and again with leggings a few years ago.  (Although both still kinda irk me a bit.)  I felt the exact same way when I saw booties popping up on bloggers and cute trendsetters last year and again this fall and winter.  But now I'm in love!  Here are some cute budget-friendly ones I have found online.

I snagged the Classified Lace-Up booties from Amazon (I'm totally addicted to Amazon Prime), and I love them.  They are very comfortable and have a leopard lining - which no one but me can see, but it makes me happy.  =)

What are your feelings on the bootie trend?

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