Homemade Save-the-Dates

Happy Monday!  (<--- Does that sound like an oxymoron to anyone else but me..?)  
I almost titled this post "Homemade STDs" but figured that didn't sound quite right...  If I had been writing this blog while wedding-planning, I would have surely nauseated all of you with my obsession.  Luckily, I unleashed all of that fury on The Knot.  ;)  I still love wedding planning, although now I have to live vicariously through my engaged friends.

I consider myself fairly handy with a computer, so I made my own save-the-date postcards using Microsoft Word with printing by VistaPrint.

One of my best friends, Lisa, is getting married this summer, and I made her Save-the-Dates the same way...
I love her bright colors!

The best part about these homemade STDs is that they are CHEAP!  About $50 for 200 of 'em.  And postage is cheaper since they are postcards.

Do you like wedding planning?  Are you "into" wedding "stuff" like I am or are you totally burnt out by it all?  I still enjoy helping my girls with their weddings and occasionally checking-out the blogs, but I definitely can't stomach another episode of Bridezillas or Platinum Weddings!


  1. Well done! They look cute and the ones for your friend turned out nice.

    While wedding planning I was in hell. Yeah, it was pretty bad. EVeryone and their opinions and so much stress and planning the entire thing in five months didn't help. It was difficult to enjoy the planning process but I do love all things weddings despite that! AND, our day was perfect, so, in the end, it was totally worth it :)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  2. Can you plan my wedding?! ; ) I have been engaged for a few months and the interest in wedding planning still has not come to me! I love weddings, I think I just feel overwhelmed and don't even know where to start! Love your save the dates too- great job!

  3. I love love love wedding planning! I enjoyed every minute of the planning and had so much fun designing our wedding save the dates! I still wish I could be planning our wedding, but its over. I think that is why I always am beggin my husband to let me host parties at our house so I can plan plan plan! : )