OOTD: The Belt & The Necklace

I ran into the mall yesterday looking for a skinny leopard belt.  I found one at Forever 21 (yes it's plastic and cost all of $3.50, but I'm more-than-okay with that), along with a gorgeous gold and turquoise necklace.  I got both for under 10 bucks, thank you F21!

I paired both of them with a plain white tee and wide-leg black trousers.  The accessories definitely made this outfit.
White Tee: Target
Black Pants: LOFT "Marisa"
Necklace: Forever 21
Leopard Belt: Forever 21
Black and Gold Sandals: Old Navy

I am forever giving my blogger friend Veronika (from the fabulous blog Veronika's Blushing) a hard time because she wears black a lot.  Well, these OOTD posts have made me realize that I wear white shirts alllll the time.  I never really thought about it until I started blogging about it.  I think I wear them so often because I know they will go with whatever pant I'm wearing, as well as looking good with any accessory.  

Do you love wearing neutral colors just so you can easily add lots of accessories?  Do you gravitate to white like I do or to black like Veronika?


  1. Love your accessories! I also gravitate towards white and neutrals in general. I just feel crisp and clean in neutrals, especially at work!

  2. those pants are very flattering! I love them :)

  3. I am guilty, guilty, guilty! Why must I get used to certain colors and basics and then it's soooo hard to get out of that habit? I work in the fashion industry so during the day I am always all dolled with whatever they have me wear so when I am not working or at home I am always compelled to go to my basic white, black, gray t shirts and skinny jeans! (Although I have a closet full of cute dresses, slacks, skirts...)

    Ah vey.. what to do!


  4. wow, the accessories really make this outfit!

  5. love the jeans!so flattering on you!!!