Brunette Beauties & My 2nd Day of Vegan-ness

I survived my second day of life as a Vegan Mofo! I'll get to the deets in a minute, but first... some brunette beautifulness. ;)

I recently dyed my hair a medium/darkish brown for the fall and winter. I had dyed it for the first time 3 years ago, and my hubby loves it dark! I prefer it blonde, and will always be a blonde at heart, but it is fun to change things up sometimes. (I will post pictures soon, I haven't taken any good ones since dying it.) I plan to go back blonde in the spring.

I'm heading to Austin (my former home) manana for a girls' weekend with some of my very best friends and I.CAN'T.FREAKIN.WAIT! Several of the Austin ladies haven't seen my hair yet, so I want it to look gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite brunettes whose hair I adore:

Cheryl Cole - she's probably my fave of the bunch!

Kate Beckinsale (Hungry Hubby's fave...)

Jessica Biel

Eva Longoria

Kim Kardashian (not ashamed to admit it... I love her TV shows)

Shenae Grimes

Here's to hoping my hair looks half as gorgeous as theirs when I tear up downtown this weekend with my girls! ;)

And here's a quick and boring wrap-up of my 2nd day as a Vegan...

I pretty much ate the identical foods as yesterday, with the addition of some avocado thrown on top... YUMMMM. I also had a handful of NutChips for a quick snack before dinner. After tossing them down the hatch, I realized that I was eating the CHEDDAR-flavored kind, which potentially means that they are not vegan! Not sure if the chips are made from real cheese or not, so if anyone knows, please enlighten me. :)

The other pitfall of the day... my large glass of pinot tonight with my soup. Who knew wine was clarified through the use of eggs, gelatin, and other random animal products!?!? My love for vino might just cause a few more little cheats on this vegan diet thing. I know there are vegan wines available, but they are probably more expensive than my $3.87 Walmart bottles. ;)

Wish me luck on staying on track this weekend while I'm galavanting around the fabulous ATX. Feel free to share tips on how to navigate a restaurant menu and go out drinking while keeping your veganism intact! I'll be back Sunday to share all the delicious foods I ate and a few tales from the trip! Have a good one.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Austin is a vegan paradise, I'm really jealous! Toy Joy has vegan soft serve, so you should definitely hit that up. I liked Veggie Heaven while I was there, but you should definitely check out the Vegan Austin site ( Have a blast!