I Forgot I Was Vegan

No, seriously people. Several times in the past few days, I honestly, actually forgot! This week has been a vegan failure. I know most of you are probably thinking "yeah, yeah, yeah, surrrrrrrrre you just forgot," but believe me or not, it's true!

Let's back up to Wednesday, when the vegan landslide began. Hungry Hubby and I postponed our usual after-work workouts to drive to a nearby town to pick up his new car! YAY! [Backstory: HH had been driving a '97 with 200,000 miles on it!! He BEYOND deserved a nice, new car!] We got the car...
and we were in a state of new car euphoria, as we drove back to our apartment. The plan was to get in a quick workout at our apartment gym before eating dinner. As we pulled up to our place, we realized that everything was pitch black! No street lights, no parking garage lights, no window lights on, and many of our neighbors were parked out on their balconies, iPhones in hand. The electricity was clearly out. Well, what was the point of going inside to sit in the dark? And the workout was not going to happen, either.

So what were we to do? Join my girls who were a few blocks away at Taco Diner, that's what! :)

By this point, I was starving, and so giddy about HH's car, so I immediately began digging in to some chips and delicious green sauce.
While I know there is a such thing as green salsa, this is far too creamy to be that innocent. I'm assuming it's laced with either sour cream or ranch.... so enter Vegan Failure #1.

The girls and I were gabbing away as we perused the menus, and HH was filling them in on the car, and I knew I needed to eat something very low-cal, since the workout was abandoned. Not too easy of a feat at a Mexican joint. I zeroed in on the salad, and ordered the "TD" salad with salsa for dressing. Great, right? Wrong. It came with grilled chicken... that I began devouring, not even realizing my mistake. Halfway through the salad it hit me: "I'M EATING AN ANIMAL! CRAP!"
[No, this wasn't MY salad, but you get the point.]
Vegan Failure #2

I shaped-up on Thursday, but then came Friday. Our good friends from Seattle came into town, and we all met up at our friends' downtown loft for drinks and socializing. We headed over to House of Blues around 8, for the John Butler Trio concert (<--- it was amazing!!!), and then went back to the loft to continue the party. HH and I never ate dinner, not intentionally, we just didn't have time! Translation: I was RAVENOUS by 11pm when we were back at the loft.

Enter Vegan Failure #3 and #4:
Homemade Spinach Dip

A Slice of Veggie Pizza

So there it is people, the honest truth. I sucked at being a vegan the past few days. And I swear I didn't mean to cheat, I really just forgot! :( Wish me luck on getting back on track for the next 10 days of my Vegan Mofo challenge!


  1. I'm so glad to see that messing up isn't inspiring you to fall off the wagon completely! It happens and being vegan eventually becomes entirely second nature. Good luck!!