Thinspiration: Victoria Beckham

I got my latest issue of Marie Claire magazine in the mail yesterday, and I squealed when I saw Victoria Beckham on the cover! (Although I don't think the cover pic does her justice AT ALL.) I have loved Victoria since she was Posh Spice, yes - I admit it, I used to jam out to the Spice Girls.

Here is the cover shot:

I liked the shot better on the Australian Marie Claire from April:

I know lots of people criticize her boob job and her low weight, but I honestly do not think she is in the "ohmygoshthatchickissoskinnysheisgoingtobreakintwo" category. I think she has a very small frame naturally and is healthy and toned. I would love to have her figure! And how can I not love someone who ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS looks chic! Not to mention the fact that she is permanently in high heels. I wish. Maybe in my next life... when I'm not chasing 5 year olds all day...

Here are some of my fave Victoria shots:

I think I like her hair best when it is dark and short. Although she has looked gorgeous with the longer, wavy do.

Oh, and Posh's hubby, David? YES, PLEASE!

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