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I threw my lower back out last week at the gym doing squats with front kicks.  (Part of the AWESOME Warrior X-Fit workouts I have posted about before.)  I've had 2 semi-serious surgeries and cracked my big-toe bone in half, but this was BY FAR the WORST pain I have ever felt.  Ever.  Debilitating, I-can't-even-move, pain.

I took a day off work but was determined to spend only 1 day on "couch-rest."  That led to incredible soreness over the weekend... GRR.  So instead of my usual Saturday morning power yoga, followed by some shopping, chores, and afternoon patio drinks, I had to lay around ALL DAY.  So to make myself feel better, I did some online shopping.  :)

I had a gift card to the GAP from a sweet student of mine, so I started there.  I picked out the Patent City Flats in Guava Pink...
I think the Guava Pink color is gorgeous and perfect for Spring.  
I can't wait to debut them in some OOTDs.  They also fold in half so you can stash them in your clutch for a night out on the town.

GAP will ship for free with a $50 minimum purchase.  I am vehemently opposed to paying for shipping if the item is something I can get in a store nearby, so I decided to shop around Old Navy for some cheap finds to fill my cart.
Rugby-Stripe Pocket Tee in Tan

Textured Tunic
On Sale for $11.99 
*no longer available*

Slub-Knit Henley in Red Stripe

Faux-Leather Thong Sandal in Silver

Gosh, I love stripes.  If they ever go out of style, I will be so sad.  And I'll probably keep wearing them anyway.  I also love tunics, and the taupe color of this one will go with several different pant colors.  I wear my plain gold leather flops like crazy, so I figured a silver pair would be a practical addition to my shoe stash.

It sucks being confined to the couch, but at least I have my sweet Lulu girl cuddled up beside me.
Isn't she just precious!??!

Do you love stripes?  Horizontal stripes have long been considered unflattering, but recently women are embracing them.  And I love it!


  1. oh no! hope you feel better love! xo

  2. Feel better soon! Retail therapy always seems to help!

  3. I hope you feel better! I love that you love having afternoon drinks on the patio! I think that is my perfect Saturday you described!