OOTD: Yellow, Black, & A Hint of Leopard

So this is my first official Outfit of the Day.  I love when other bloggers post these, so I thought that I should start doing it myself.  I think it's fun to see what fashionable, "real people" wear everyday, and it often inspires me to put my clothes together in new ways.  And unlike celeb inspirations, I can usually actually afford the clothes worn in OOTDs!

I will try to post more OOTDs, but just promise not to balk at my complete lack of heels!  I own about 20 pairs of gorgeous stilettos, yet I can rarely wear them. (Let's please not point that out to the hubby, k? thanks!)  I am a Kindergarten teacher and my dogs would be beyond barking if I subjected them to extra height all day.  

I have been loving the mustard yellow color lately.  And I love wearing yellow, in general.  It is such a happy color.  :)  My mom bought me this sweater for Christmas, and it is so comfy and easily-accessorized.

Yellow Sweater: Target
Leopard Heart Necklace: Forever 21
Black Pants: GAP Premium Pants/Straight Ankle-Length
Bow Flats: Forever 21

Do you like wearing yellow as much as I do?


  1. very cute! yellow really suits you :) I never feel that i can pull it off!

  2. ps---just realized i didn't have you on my blog roll---just added you!

  3. You're so cute- love that color on you! Actually you've inspired me to try yellow again.. I love it but I always feel like it washes me out because I'm so blonde but maybe I just need a mustard shade!

  4. Very pretty color! I love yellow!

  5. I love yellow in the summer and more yellow gold in the winter! I don't have tons of it in my closet though. I think bright yellow summer dresses are a must have! I always feel so sunny! : )