Frugal Friday!

This is my last day of summer! (I am a teacher.) SO sad about this. Most years, I am bored by August and ready to get back to the action, but I worked pretty much this whole summer, so I do not feel like I had much of a break. Yes, I did have two fabulous vacays in July, but I didn't have any lay-around-do-nothing-on-a-weekday-teacher-summer-time. [Yes, I know you 9-to-fivers are NOT sympathetic and are probably ready to barf right now.]

Back to the point.... I am going to hit the pool today! My apartment complex has an amazing pool on the roof, and I will be up there in t-minus about 40 minutes. Ahhh, sun and water, two of my faves.

But first, Frugal Friday! Since I'm trying really hard to live within a budget, yet I am unable to stop shopping completely, I am getting creative at finding things on the cheap. Today's post... is all about eBay!
Every since I was 16 and convinced my mom to help buy my boyfriend an autographed hockey puck via eBay, I have been in love. I always find great deals.

Take my most recent purchase made a week or so ago... I have been in love with Jessica Simpson's Jeko gold flat sandals since I first saw them in Macy's. They retail for $68.95 on Zappos, and were similarly priced at both Macy's and Dillard's. They eventually went on sale at the mall, but were still around 50 bones. And then eBay to the rescue! I found the sandals - authentic and brand new- from seller street-moda. I scored them for 24.99 plus 9.99 shipping. They came in 3 days, and were packaged in the original box, they are clearly the real deal and never been worn. I love them!

I always love when I find a seller I can trust and who carries a wide variety of great merch. Here are some of my fave sellers that I share with my fellow eBayers:
  • *v*boots2shoes*v* - Great, cheap boots. When you want to try a trendy boot that you don't need to last for many years, try this seller's store. Cute stuff!
  • ozpower310 - Becca, Vix, Shoshanna, etc. swimwear and cover-ups
  • mmu - TONS of Victoria's Secret swimwear plus some other designers
  • jtandcompany - BCBG!
  • bikini_superstore - no explanation needed :)
  • dave.zoe - lots of fun jewelry
  • greenmayfly - J.Crew goodies

Do you shop on eBay? Do you have any favorite sellers?

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  1. Those sandals are sooooooooo cute!! Not sure if this is believable... but I have NEVER bought anything off eBay! Crazy, I know.... My husband buys stuff ALL the time.
    You've given me a little inspiration!