OOTD: The Last of the Sweaters

I live in smokin'-hot Dallas, TX, so the snuggly clothes are officially banished to the guest room closet until next November (or maybe even December).  We had some unusually cool temps (I freeze at 55, so you get the idea) a week or so ago, so the sweaters made their last appearance for quite awhile.

Of course I still insisted on wearing sandals.  Once I break 'em out in Spring, I won't wear anything else!  :)  And yes, I'm also wearing the same pants in both pictures.  I promise these OOTDs weren't back-to-back.
Sweater: Old Navy
Belt: F21
Khaki Cords: Ann Taylor LOFT
Brown-Studded Sandals: Old Navy

Purple V-Neck Sweater: F21
Gold Necklace: Nordstrom BP
Khaki Cords: Ann Taylor LOFT
Leopard T-Strap Sandals: Old Navy

What are the temps like right now where you live?  We are usually steady in the 90s this time of year, but have been in the low 80s recently.  I planned to lay out today, but the sun is nowhere to be seen, so I'm lounging around and doing a little cleaning in the apartment instead.  Boo!  :(

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  1. Ugh, you're lucky it's so warm all the time in TX! I live in WI and the weather yesterday was really nice for May - I think we hit about 75, until it got a little breezy and thunderstormed last night! We won't hit the 80's and 90's till July!
    I did take advantage of yesterday's weather and took a nap in my hammock in the backyard...amazing!