Work-It-Out Wednesday

Here are my favorite tidbits from my weekly reading:

Today was one of my "gym days" (as opposed to Power Yoga or DVD workouts at home), so I was able to read while I banged-out 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer, 10 on the Spin Bike, and 10 on the Treadmill. I followed my cardio with lots of push-ups, calf-raises, and ab work.

I love doing push-ups, and after a year of Power-Yoga, I'm able to do tons of them ON MY TOES!  :)  Such an accomplishment for a weak-armed gal like myself, and I love knowing that I am lifting 3/4 of my total body weight.  Do you like push-ups?  Have you gotten in some good workouts so far this week?

Happy Hump Day!

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