Grocery Store Sushi: What's Your Opinion!??

Today was a super long day.  I was at school at 7am as usual, and tutored after school.  My best friend Lisa then took me to see the wedding site for her June 25th wedding.  (It's PERFECT!  I blogged about her homemade Save-the-Dates here.)  After all of the wedding talk and decor scheming, we worked out to one of her Insanity DVDs.  If you have tried one of these you know what I mean... THIS WORKOUT IS INSANE!  The freakin' warm-up kills me!  

But, I digress.  After the true Insanity, we headed back up to school for our PTA-sponsored Multicultural Night.  The kids looked SO cute in their cultural attire.  :)  By the time I began my 30-minute trek back home around 8, I knew I would not have the energy to even throw a salad together.

I zipped into Walmart, grabbed a bottle of $3 Shiraz and some grocery store sushi.  Gourmet in my book, people.  And decently healthy, right!?
Brown Rice California "Plus" (<--- whatever that means...), Edamame, Shiraz, and some HtotheIzzO

So I've gotta know... what's your take on grocery store sushi?  I absolutely love it.  I think it tastes great, and the price is right.  I buy them from the stores that have an in-house "chef" rolling them there that day.  I know some people refuse to eat grocery store sushi... what's your opinion?

P.S. I didn't starve Hungry Hubby... he went out for wings with the boys after his soccer game!  ;)  I'm clearing out all of the Real Housewives episodes on my DVR!


  1. I get grocery store sushi all the time! it's great and easy. they don't have a huge variety, granted, but it's fresh and still delicious.

  2. I only buy grocery store sushi randomly. I haven't found any that I truly truly enjoy. I rather go out ot eat and get it fresh.

  3. We buy grocery store sushi all the time! The Kroger near our apartment has an in-house chef who does a good job. Also love Whole Foods.

    True Story, there is a BP Gas Station .3 miles from our house that has a sushi chef who makes and sells rolls out of it. Its been written up in all sorts of magazines like Gourmet and Bon Appetit for how good it is!