A Tale of Two Salads

They start out the same...

Leafy romaine, kidney beans, and shredded rotisserie chicken. (I don't usually add chicken to mine, but I was starvin' Marvin tonight people!)

Add chopped carrots, roma tomatoes, and a sprinklin' of parmesan to the Healthy Honey salad, while the Hungry Hubby version gets shredded fiesta blend cheese, jalapeno slices, and McMormick "Salad Toppins."

Mine was dressed with Newman's Own Light Sun Dried Tomato (this is delish, and Newman gives ALL of his profits to charity... I majorly dig this company).

Hungry Hubby got his usual salsa + spicy ranch.

Now that is a MAN salad! Hungry Hubbies everywhere CAN be forced convinced to eat salad! ;)

Hungry Hubby's off to get ready for his Tuesday night indoor soccer game, while I have dessert on my mind....

Fat free rich milk chocolately hot chocolate for only 20 cals a pop! That's my kind of dessert... thank you Nestle!!!

Can you get your hungry hubby to eat salads!? Mine won't do it every night, but if I add the right calorie-laden toppings, he enjoys them on occasion.


  1. My boyfriend will agree to a salad with light italian dressing as long as his main dish has meat potatoes and at least one veggie. I have never tried to get him to eat just a salad...but I have a feeling it wouldn't go to well ;)

  2. I love his requirements... ha! :) My husband used to say the same thing, but girl, I PILE his salad with chicken and cheese!!! We are talking about practically half of the rotisserie chicken on that puppy. The spicy (and full-fat) ranch dressing doesn't hurt either!

  3. Alright, I think I will turn this into a challenge! Next time he comes over I'm making a "man" salad!

  4. one of my goals this year is to eat more salads but I can't eat them unless i buy it somewhere---even just from a salad bar. Anytime I've tried to eat a salad I made, I have to throw it out. I think it's psychological.