Happy New Year!

Since I showed you some dress options for New Year's Eve, I figured I should show you what I actually wore. I remembered that I bought a black satin dress at Forever 21 when I was in Austin last month... perfect for NYE! (and I'm proud of myself for not buying something new!) I did get a "crystal" (I use that term lightly as it was purchased at Old Navy) stone necklace to wear with the dress, and I finally re-wore my wedding shoes after having the toe box stretched <-- why didn't I do that before the wedding!?!?!

Here's the outfit put together thanks to Polyvore:


And here am I! :)

With my homegirl Kate the great!

Obligatory silly shot with a better view of the necklace:

We spent the night dancing, chatting, and of course, sippin' on some bubbly! It was a wonderful start to 2k11! I hope you had a fabulous NYE, too.

Well I'm going to continue my lazy day of movies and couchin' it with the hubby. I think I'll plan out my new year's resolutions manana. ;)

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  1. Looks like you had a great NYE! I love lazy movie days too!