Winter Whining & Celeb Style

Isn't summer clothing just so fun, cheery, and gorgeous!??!

I. HATE. WINTER.  Sure, I love Christmas and NYE, but not enough to justify FREEZING my tush off in the time it takes me to walk from my apartment door to my car (which by the way is about 30 seconds, yet I still get SOOOOO cold).  I do not know how people who live north of Texas can stand their Novembers-Februarys.  

On the fashion side of things, I feel like almost every outfit I put together would look cuter with sandals.  Yes, I love my boots, but I'm over them every year by January 1st and ready to rock my wedges and jeweled sandals.

I am completely longing to be wearing...

I'd even settle for this...

Despite our gorgeous 75 degree weather here in Dallas this past Saturday, we are looking at 20 and 30 degree temps for the rest of this week.... UGH!  Guess I will have to draw my fashion inspiration from these ladies, instead.  *sigh*

Are you a summer girl like me?


  1. I love summer so much! But I must admit I love winter fashion, I love skinny jeans, high boots, sweaters and chunky jewelry! Don't worry though, it will be spring and warm before you know it! : )

  2. Where is that striped shirt from in the first pic! It is soooo pretty! And I love all of those outfits!