Allow myself to introduce... myself :)

Well after a year of conceptualizing this blog and thinking of posting it, I am finally jumping in. So, hello world [i.e. 2-3 friends I convinced/begged to read this rubbish]! I originally wanted to create a recipe/cooking blog (ya know the ones with all the gorgeous step-by-step pictures and restaurant-worthy platings every night for dinner?), hence the title of this blog. But after this 1st year of marriage (and many false smoke alarms), I've had to resign myself to the idea that I am in fact no Giada De Laurentiis (I really tried, I swear!) and am instead a Sandra Lee of Semi-Homemade/Sarah Jessica Parker[shoe-obsessed]/Kim Kardashian[make-up obsessed]/plain-'ole-girl-trying-to-stay-fit-and-fashionable-and-in-the-black! This will now be a place for me to post anything and everything I want relating to anything and everything. :)

To better introduce myself...



  1. Nora, you are as adorable as you are fashionably creative! i am so JEalous! this is sooo awesome and inspiring... not having any friends in cali and no job as of today, August 2nd, 2010=( i would definitely have the time, but i have too many projects i.e. painting our ghetto apartment into a comfortable chic-ish (as much can i d0) living pad, and it has been a challenge. i should take before and after pics, but im too embarrassed to even show the before. ha! i love you and miss you! i am never surprised by the amazing concepts you but together, so simple but so professional!! keep up the fabulous work... XOXOXO

  2. You are amazing dear! I love you so much!! I will definitely be keeping up with your blog! I miss getting all of your advice and learning from you on a daily basis... I guess your awesome blog will get me by!
    Love you lots! xoxo