HH vs HH: Weekday Lunch

I have read the statistics, I know the grim truth: most married women weigh more than single women their same age. YOWZERS! Another grim truth: most women gain weight when they move-in with a man. Since gaining weight is not something that I wanted to happen to me once I became a Mrs., I created a gameplan with Hungry Hubby prior to the wedding.

He will eat large, delicious, not-necessarily-nutritious, meat-heavy lunches everyday at work. That way, dinner can be lighter and healthier, and he isn't completely miserable with that.

Hungry Hubby's Lunch Today...

Jealous doesn't even begin to describe it, people. Chuy's is Period. End.of.story. If I had to pick a last meal, it would be Chuy's chips with jalapeno ranch dip. I think I could literally drink that stuff. Not sure what Hubby ate, but I def know he started with that ah-mazing dip. He probably ate fajitas or a big jumbo burrito. [Have I mentioned that he is in incredible shape!? Life is so not fair!]

Healthy Honey's Lunch Today...

Spinach salad with chopped roma tomato and red onion, organic garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas), fat-free crumbled feta cheese, and my Semi-Homemade dressing from yesterday's post. As delicious as Chuy's!? Hell no. But delicious none-the-less? YES!

What do you love for a healthy lunch?


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