Tuesday's Tease

Things that tease me with their fabulousness and not-so-fabulous price tag!

I spotted these Louboutins on Polyvore and Although I could never justify walking around on something equivalent to the price of a vacation, it doesn't hurt to drool. ;) If you are fortunate enough to be married to a prince, or if you recently won the lottery, these can be purchased here.

Haute Hippie Slouchy Cropped Pants because who wouldn't wanna get away with wearing sweats with heels while still looking chic!? Sold on ShopBop.

Haute Hippie Embellished Halter Dress - the neckline is so gorgeous! Also on ShopBop.

Vince Camuto Miki Pump. This one is actually reasonably-priced and is sold at Dillards. Vince Camuto was actually at the mall on my birthday for an "appearance" - his shoes are beautiful! Next shoe purchase I make will probably be from his line.

Those of you that know me (or have seen my closet), know that I am addicted to jeans, and my drug of choice is 7 for all Mankind. These are the "Bootcut with Ditsy Print in Destroyed Adara Blue." They have the word ditsy in the name... I mean, come on, they were MADE for me! ;) AND there is a sweet, floral fabric that shows through the distressed 7s on the boot-ay.

And even though I would use it for my guilty pleasures only (i.e. Facebook stalking, obsessive blog-checking, shopping/surfing), I really do want an iPad. I'm a Mac girl, and how could I resist this precious, sleek internet machine!?!?

What has been teasing you lately!??

Make sure to swing by tomorrow for Work-it-out Wednesday! :)

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