Foodie Find!

I am always looking for low-cal, healthy foods that require little or no prep/cooking to add into my life's menu. I have loved Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges for many years now, but one of the new flavors takes my love to a whole new level.

It is the Mozarella with Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil. DELISH! Here's the report card:

The sodium is a bit high for such a tiny piece of cheese, but it's worth it for the creamy goodness.

Try it smeared on this...

Or onto slices of this...

Or as a condiment on this....

The Laughing Cow website provides lots of recipes, and even better, check out all of Hungry-Girl's recipes using Laughing Cow here.

Hope you enjoy some laughs today! :)



  1. oooo! I want to try that Laughing Cow Sun-dried tomato cheese!! Yum!

  2. mmmm...mmmm! i love me some cheese and low-cal is just a perk! another great low calorie cracker is the almond crackers - so crispy and go great with cheese!