HH vs HH, A Battle of the Salad Dressings

In this corner... a Healthy Honey wanting a delicious salad dressing without completely ruining the low-cal appeal of the salad itself. In this corner... a Hungry Hubby who will only agree to eat a salad for dinner with a delicious, creamy dressing smothered on it.

Not only do I want a healthy but tasty dressing to protect my own waistline, I can't bear the thought of serving my husband something totally devoid of any nutrition.

Healthy Honey's Homemade Dressing of Choice:
(Made in my Chef'N Emulsifier, such as this one here.)
  • Lots of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Lots of Red Wine Vinegar
  • A squeeze of Regular Mustard
  • A squeeze of Dijon Mustard
  • A squeeze of Hot & Sweet Mustard (Krogar brand)
  • A squeeze of Honey :)
[Disclaimer: I
rarely measure anything in the kitchen, so excuse my unique measurement terms.]

Healthy Honey's Semi-Homemade Dressing of Choice:
(Also made in my Emulsifier)
  • Fill half of the Emulsifier with Newman Own's Light Italian Dressing (60 cals per 2 tbsp.)
  • Fill the other half with Red Wine Vinegar (0 cals)

By mixing Newman's dressing with the vinegar, I can drench my salad without feeling too guilty. I need my salad to be thoroughly wet!

Hungry Hubby's Semi-Homemade Dressing of Choice
  • 1 part Pace Picante Sauce/Salsa (Medium)
  • 1 part Kraft Light Three Cheese Ranch

Hungry Hubby loves things SPICY, so mixing the light ranch with the healthy and veggie-rich salsa allows me to keep his dressing delish and creamy but also sneak in some nutrition. :)

What is your favorite salad dressing? How do you keep it low-cal? Any homemade recipes for me to try?

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