Let it NOT Snow!

I live in Dallas.  As in, Texas.  As in, how has it been below freezing now for 4 days with no high temperatures on the horizon!?!  6 days ago it was 78 degrees and I was drinking wine in jean shorts outside on a patio.  CRA-ZAY!
While the time off of work has been nice, and I've cleaned my house about 5 times and done every single piece of laundry possible, I am so ready to get OUT!  And I'm out of wine!!!  ::GASP::
We were iced in for the first 3 days, and now there is a foot of snow on top of said ice.  Hungry Hubby and I ventured outside for just a few minutes to subject our poor doggy to the snow.

Please pick me up Daddy!!!
My poor, cold car.

Mama and her Lulu bug.  :)

Are you snowed in this week??

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