My Hair: A Biography

The lovely Ms. Hark over at Not Just Another Blonde in Beijing has asked me about my hair color.  Anyone who knows me will laugh, because my hair (specifically its color) has had quite an interesting life over the past few years.

I was born a blonde.  
It was a fairly dark blonde, but blonde nonetheless . And those curls you see at the end of my pigtails... all natural.  Now why didn't may hair stay like that!??!

My hair started darkening around the end of middle school, and I wasn't having it.  My mom took me to get it highlighted all throughout high school (at Visible Changes... please tell me someone else knows what I'm talking about).  

Here I am freshman year of college, my high school (ie. last mom-paid-for-them) highlights fading fast.

I found an amazing Aveda salon in Austin (Maximum FX for anyone who lives there), and continued my blonde highlighting-regimen throughout college.

I graduate and 2007 rolls around when I started dating Hungry Hubby.  At some point, he mentions his usual "thing" for brunettes, and I immediately book an appointment to get my hair dyed.  Call me crazy.  For some reason, I thought it would be "fun" to go dark.

I did love it for a month or so, and then I was sick with regret.  "I'm supposed to be a blonde!!!!"  So I began my slow return back to blondeness.  I was stuck at this stage for a few months...
Then after another pricey full-highlight sesh with my girl at MaxFX...
Ahhhhh... that's better.  :)

With my move to Dallas, I continued to get highlights at another Aveda salon, Avalon.
Several months after my July '09 wedding, I was in desperate need to get it colored, but I just wasn't up for forking over the cash.  I read an article in Allure one day on the elliptical about dying your hair at home. Hmmmm.... I could do that....
And so, I did.  I used L'Oreal Touch on Highlights in "Golden Honey."  I highlighted it myself using a small paintbrush (and the point on a rattail comb for sectioning).  I highlighted it about every 1.5 months for a year or so.
Not perfect, but for $10 a pop, I'll take it!

October 2010 and I land myself on the couch for 6 days with a nasty case of strep.  Now for whatever reason, I started getting the itch to go back dark.  So what did I do?  Grabbed a box of dye from Ulta, and here I was again as a brunette.
And, whadaya know?  I was ready to be a blonde again a mere 1.3 months later.

Clearly I couldn't do this at home, so I sought out a professional, who gave me a full-highlight (using some bleach since there was no other way, aack!), and now I'm back to my blonde self in December 2010.

I plan to start highlighting my hair again myself now that it's mostly blonde.  It's just hard for me to justify spending upwards of $100 to color my hair when I know I can do it "decently" myself.

Have you always had the same hair color or have you jumped around like me?

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  1. I used to jump around and was blonde for about 3 years. Now, I only dye my hair ever 4 to 5 months and just get highlights with my natural color. I love that it's low maintenance and cost-effective :) You can pull off both looks but I think blonde is your best :)