Party in the City When the Heat is On...

All night on the beach 'til the break of dawn.  Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami!  Cue the Will Smith music people, cause Bravo has unveiled its latest addition to the Real Housewives Franchise and it's in MIAMI!

I love this show, I won't try to deny it, and I think the Miami edition will be greatness.  

Here are the ladies:

Alexia Echevarria aka. "The Cuban Barbie"
She is a magazine editor and "older sister" to her 2 sons.  Lots of parenting drama there I'm sure.

Cristy Rice
Newly-single (and dating) NBA-divorcee with 3 children and a clothing store.

Larsa Pippen
NBA wife to Scottie Pippen and mother of 4 who is notorious for firing nannies.

Lea Black
Married to a famous defense attorney, mother to a 9 year-old son, and described as a "community leader."

Marysol Patton
A PR maven divorcee who spends lots of time with her mother (who is a "character in her own right") and calls herself a "seer" (not a psychic) who can give spiritual guidance to A-listers.  I have a feeling she is going to be a trip.

Adriana De Moura
Full-time mom and art curator who is recently divorced and newly engaged.

The new show debuts on February 22nd - MANANA!  Will you be watching!?!?


  1. I love all the housewives series but my fave was the most recent beverly hills! I have Miami and DVR and will definitely be watching!!

  2. I love these shows! I just watched Miami on Saturday when I was catching up on TV! Did you watch the new OC epiosde yet? I love those woman as well! I think it aired last night!